Our history

Our history

CB Pelletterie was established in Vicenza in 1966 and, upon its founding, the company focused on the creation and trading of leather bags with its own brand name.

Over the years, CB has become a point of reference in the leather market as a solid, reliable partner and knowledgeable expert on the dynamics of trade and fashion market trends.

From its origins as a small artisanal company, CB has developed over fifty years to become a structured and modern company capable of managing the entire production process internally, ensuring high quality standards.

Cb Pelletterie today

Today, CB Pelletterie puts its passion and expertise at the service of the most renowned fashion houses and brands, offerings its expertise and professionalism for the development of their ideas.

Made in Italy’s in-house production is complemented on request by the foreign production Made in Romania, which is managed through a structure that is entirely owned by CB Pelletterie.

Our services

Cb Pelletterie

We are committed to respecting the value of Italian craftsmanship on a daily basis.

In recent years in CB Pelletterie, we have implemented the workforce, focusing resources and investments on our Italian production hub, which is synonymous with quality and high standards.

An ambitious and challenging goal, but one that is rewarding for both us and the client, who places ever greater trust in our company.

Our staff consists of: 5 model makers working both manually and with modern CAD technology, 4 cutting experts who use automated cutting machines and trance manuals, 10 people dedicated to the prototyping department, and a group that is completely dedicated to Made in Italy productions, which follows all the production steps such as preparation, assembly, packaging and finishing.

All raw materials, particularly leather and accessories, are carefully checked and prepared by personnel who are specialised and trained to ensure attention to detail from the very first steps of the process.


A team that is passionate about fashion and trends that will help you to highlight the uniqueness of your brand and find the perfect blend of style and function.

Model development

Every single model is made by expert artisans, supported by modern CAD technology to structurally and aesthetically refine the product.


Through expert hands your ideas take shape; in the creation of the prototype our well prepared and attentive staff evaluate improvements and technical aspects to prepare the product for the production process, whilst maintaining the stylistic line.

Supplier research and material sourcing

We use a large network of suppliers, carefully selected for quality, reliability and service that has been proven through years of collaboration.


The production network is organized and precise, in order to guarantee the client with the maximum punctuality and compliance with procedures and quality standards. Our production sites are certified by the major auditing firms.

Quality control

Each bag is checked by personnel in order to provide a provide that meets the expectations of the end client.

Packaging and logistics support

We offer customized packaging and logistics solutions according to the client’s distribution network.

Ethics and mission

ETHICS…respect is fashionable

At CB Pelletterie we know the value of creativity, and it is for this that all our clients are guaranteed strict confidentiality and reliability on projects. We respect ethical business principles as the basis on which our relationships with our business partners are conducted, and we are actively commuted to the safeguarding and conservation of environmental resources.

MISSION…now and in the future

“The client is at the centre” …we have made this philosophy our mission, whilst being aware that this is a continuous process.

“Benchmark of craftsmanship”…we aim to be the custodians of tradition, culture, and craftsmanship…

“passion and curiosity”..inspire our attitude and identifies those with whom we work

Nuovi Orizzonti

Established in 1996, completely of Italian capital, Nuovi Orizzonti is located in Orastie, in Transilvania land, west side of Romania and it is a company specialized on the production of finest quality ladies handbags and accessories.

During the years in Nuovi Orizzonti the labours have become much more specialized thanks to the regular presence of Italian technicians in the factory and to the efforts of the Italian management and his trusted partners in Romania. This strong cooperation between Italy and Romania allows the property to have a constant control and monitoring on quality of raw materials, timings and development of production.

The power of the Romanian structure is the nearness to the other European countries that permit to easily organize the logistic and to reduce the transport costs from and to Italy.

With over 4500 square metres of productive department, 2000 square metres of warehouse and more then 300 workers, NuoviOrizzonti can reach the production of about 1200 pieces handabgs a day; A production power that flanked to CB Pelletterie allows the achievement of important production targets requested by customers.

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